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I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to either teach others or improve and deepen their own practice. I feel like it has been completely life-changing and enhancing and has really helped me to recognize my dharma and when I’m not on my path. It has completely exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was so beautifully choreographed and the teachings dove-tailed together with exquisite precision. There was just enough of everything to give me the language and thirst to seek more knowledge and information. I have an insatiable thirst and feel content at the same time. (Fall 2018)

The course inspired personal growth that exceeded my expectations. I feel that I have been provided with the means to pass along the incredible benefits that I have received from the practice of yoga. I can’t think of a more nurturing environment to study yoga. (Fall 2018)


Such an amazing experience and wonderful group of people. I certainly feel like this has helped deepen my practice in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It feels like the beginning of a journey. The old adage “today is the first day of the rest of your life” rings true! I have a new perspective, a new vision of this life. It’s a new chapter, one that includes compassion for myself and others, acceptance, acceptance of self-love and receiving love as well as a love of others. I feel more connected to humanity than ever before. It’s a beautiful gift. Thank you. (Spring 2018)

This course came at a time in my life of incredible personal growth, or at least a lot of potential for it, and ll of the teachings helped me immensely along that path. I feel connected to my community, my body, my heart and mind much more than when I started and will never forget the priceless experience I had here. Thank you so much Ida, and all other teachers for guiding me through in such a compassionate and nonjudgmental knowledgeable way. You embody yoga and it is beyond inspiring. (Spring 2018)

This course has been life changing! Even if you’re not thinking of teaching, I’d recommend this beautiful experience to anyone who loves and wants to learn more about yoga. Thank you! (Fall 2017)


The TTP provides not only a solid basis for teaching yoga but also introduces participants to all 8 elements/limbs of yoga. Inspiration for life that can lead to changes, self-awareness, healing and self-development. I am deeply grateful for our teachers’ wisdom and generosity. Thank you Ida for your courage and dedication to MokSana and for creating a safe and supportive space for students of yoga. (Fall 2017)


I appreciated the safe space and nurturing atmosphere the instructors fostered. There was so much support, in every sense of the word, throughout the entire program. I felt acceptance from all for where I was/am in the learning process and in my life. I couldn’t imagine feeling so comfortable in any other teaching program. The studio space was also perfect for the program and the amount of natural light was awesome. The content of the course was extremely relevant to what I feel I need to teach. The immersion portion helped deepen my own practice and provided some much-needed clarity navigating current obstacles I’m facing. The instructors were amazing for providing information in a way that was easy to understand and their breadth of experience really added something special to the lessons. (Fall 2017)


One of the graduates from the Fall 2017 session of Yoga Teacher Training Program wrote about her experiences in our Yoga Teacher Training Program and shared them with her social media followers. To read them, visit Bri’s website, RunLiftYoga.com. To start at the first post about the program, scroll down to the blog dated September 5, 2017. Click here to visit RunLiftYoga.com

This truly was a priceless experience. So much more than I ever expected and has brought about a change in me that was welcomed and needed. I am so grateful for the support and wealth of knowledge I gained through this program. Now, go forth and teach! (Spring 2017)

A truly amazing team of people have come together to make this course stand out among the rest. When I was choosing a studio, MokSana came so highly recommended by everyone I knew in the industry. Thank you! (Spring 2017)


This course was supportive, meaningful and life-changing. It may have brought up some uncomfortable feelings/thoughts but it offered the tools to deal with anything that arises within yourself thus leading you to teach the same to others. (Spring 2017)

I am grateful for the broad deepening that this was in my understanding and practice of yoga, philosophy, different styles of yoga, anatomy, the roots. It was also very helpful in breaking down teaching and yoga teaching methodology. Thank you! And I appreciated the emphasis on how to support a safe practice in the class setting and how to avoid injury. All of the teachers for each aspect were also great, knowledgeable and kind. (Spring 2017)

What an incredible experience. Never have I been in a program where every instructor has embodied the information that they are sharing. The environment was so comfortable, supportive and fun – even through the fears that come along with growth. (Fall 2016)


MokSana offered me an opportunity not only to expand my yoga knowledge but to grow as an individual. I was pushed out of my comfort zone at times, but this is where change happened and confidence was boosted. The variety of teachers and subjects was extremely helpful. In regards to teaching, we started off small and worked out way up to a longer sequence. This program was perfect and the practicum mixed with the program allowed so much more confidence in regards to teaching the certification class. It is also wonderful that we can continue teaching community classes after the practicum and be part of the community. (Fall 2016)


All of the teachers and information from this program is outstanding. I honestly never thought I would be able to stand up in front of a class and teach yoga. It has been a dream of mine to just do and finish this program for many years. If I go and teach, that is just a bonus. I have met a wonderful group of amazing people that I hope to always be connected to and teachers I hope to continue learning from. I would highly recommend this program to anyone and already have. (Spring 2016)


I could not have hoped for a better experience! Every moment of this course has helped to strengthen and deepen my own yoga practice and change me into a more knowledgeable and in-tune yogi. (Spring 2016)


LOVED the course. I am leaving with a better understanding of yoga as a whole and am sad it’s over. The teachers were wonderful. Full of knowledge and didn’t make you feel silly for asking questions. Very supported throughout the entire session. The manual is a great tool to look back on and a jumping off point that has just peaked my interest/love of yoga even more. I feel prepared to teach a class and confident that people will be able to follow along with what I share with them. If people ask where I was taught, I will proudly say MokSana.(Fall 2015)


This course has deepened my own yoga practice, and I’m amazed at how confident and prepared I feel to begin my teaching journey after this course! It seemed so daunting and overwhelming at times. One of the greatest strengths I feel this course has is the variety of instructors who all teach subjects that they are most knowledgeable about and their passion for what they’re teaching shows. Taking the TTP at MokSana is up there on top 5 best things I’ve done for myself in my life. I have a better understanding of myself and feel a greater connection to the world around me. (Fall 2015)


This program was amazing. I loved the open discussions we were able to participate in. The material was fascinating and the way it was taught was completely absorbable. I liked having all the different teachers and felt like it was a very well rounded program. I thought the learning was fun and easy and I believe everything will be a huge influence on the way I teach in the future. I’m leaving the program excited and full of enthusiasm for teaching. (Spring 2015)

What a great way to advance one’s practice. Life as I know it has changed forever through these eight weekends. Warm, inviting, supportive environment with knowledgeable, caring instructors who are interested in seeing students succeed and leave the program feeling confident and capable. (Spring 2015)

Whatever the future holds for me with respect to teaching yoga, I found this course invaluable for my own practice and journey in this life. It reinforced my established practice and added a new dimension to it. Thank you! (Spring 2015)


I’m so impressed with the comprehensiveness of the material presented. The variety of teachers brings a level of depth and experience that greatly enriches this TTP. (Fall 2014)


This course was everything I expected, and more! The teachers asked us to come in with an open mind, and let the new learning take us where it will. It took me to places I had no idea I would go. Thank you so much for starting me on a new journey. (Fall 2014)


The course was packed with diversity, information & humour. An unforgettable & transformative experience. It has altered the way I think about life and will forever altar my yoga practice. All of the teachers had so much wisdom to share and were passionate about the studio and practice of yoga. If anything, I wish the course was longer. It’s opened the door to a life long spiritual journey. Thank you! (Spring 2014)


I’ve really enjoyed the Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training course! It is a very comprehensive course including everything one needs to know to teach yoga. We had great teachers who made the material interesting and at times entertaining! Thank you so much, I’ve learned a ton and am excited to learn more. (Spring 2014)


So happy to have completed this program. It exceeded my expectations. The experienced, senior teachers made a huge difference as they brought a wealth, depth and diversity of experience to the program. (Spring 2014)


Teacher training here at MokSana has exceeded my expectations. The amount of new material presented was so clear and made very accessible. All the teachers extend their passion and love of yoga through to us, so the material just nestles into memory. I am so blessed to have been able to be part of this year’s training and wouldn’t have wanted to start this new journey anywhere else. (Spring 2014)


Life changing! I am SO grateful for the opportunity to take this program. It has been challenging and eye-opening and full of growth and good change. I feel like I have finally found my path and this is just the start. Thank you for deep down. I never thought I’d feel confident to teach and it feels so good now that I’ve passed the first few major milestones. Thank you to Ida and all the other incredible teachers who put their efforts, heart, and compassion into this program and for being available and willing to share and help us on our journeys! You have helped me more than you know! (Spring 2013)


I appreciate each instructor’s unique gifts and teaching styles and how they all helped make this course such a rich experience! (Spring 2013)

Exceptional learning environment – safe, comfortable and wonderfully sharing. I feel as though I’ve been welcomed into a new and wonderful family. Thanks so much. (Spring 2013)

This course provided me with a chance to go deeper into my own practice. It gave me the opportunity to widen my knowledge base of the vastness that is yoga and it fuelled my enthusiasm to share what I have learned with anyone who is open to it. It is a program for everyone. (Fall 2012)

This course did not just prepare me for teaching; it prepared me for life. The values in the information and what I learned was amazing. I am so proud of deciding to be part of this. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to experience this. I can’t wait to share what I learned. This was AMAZING! (Fall 2012)


I feel extremely prepared to go out into the world and teach yoga. Great topics, great teachers, excellent delivery of information. This course has proved to not only be a chance for learning but a time of inner spiritual and emotional transformation as well. Highly recommended. (Fall 2012)


Honestly, I don’t think there could be a better group of teachers/people to teach this program. I have learnt more in the last 8 weeks than I ever could have imagined. I would recommend doing this whether you want to teach or not. So amazing, it will change your life!  (Spring 2012)


Loved it! Will recommend to others wishing to teach or deepen their practice. I feel confident after this course to teach beginners and how to move forward as a teacher and student in self-study and learning more about the gift of yoga! I love this studio, this course, the teachers & instructors and how it has helped me explore myself more deeply and cultivate awareness. Thank you, Ida and all the teachers! (Spring 2012)


It was a wonderful adventure. I took away not only education relevant to teaching but also to me and my everyday life. That’s yoga! (Fall 2011)

I can honestly say this program is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had in years! (Fall 2011)

I feel fully and completely transformed by this experience. My personal practice has deepened and my connection with yoga as a way of life has been profoundly enriched. I feel so blessed to have had the gift of learning in a community with teachers who are so evidently dedicated to these teachings in their own lives. (Fall 2011)

I loved everything about this course: the studio space, the studio ethics, the class size, the teaching styles, the weekend format and especially the breadth of material and the depth of practical knowledge of the teachers. (Spring 2011)


MokSana became my home away from home. Everyone was so kind and inviting. (Spring 2011)


This was absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I thought I was coming to learn how to teach yoga but it has been way more than that! In order to be there for others you must be there for yourself first and this course does exactly that. It prepares you to teach others by first exploring yourself and coming to know yourself first. This is the beginning of a journey and I am so lucky to have begun it here! (Spring 2011)

These past 8 weeks have been transformative. I am leaving not only with a deeper, more profound understanding of yoga but also, of myself. I look forward to sharing my passion for yoga as an instructor. Thank you to all the skillful, compassionate instructors at MokSana for sharing their learning, talent and time with us. We are all the better for it! (Fall 2010)


It has been a life-changing and inspirational experience. I feel so grateful for being part of a such a wonderful group of people and program. Things will never be the same, and I’m closer to myself then I’ve ever been. Thank you so much. (Fall 2010)

This course opened my heart, mind and soul. Recommend this program to anyone wanting to positively benefit their life. Thank you Namaste! (Spring 2010)

Variety of material with kind generous openness modelled constantly by instructors and therefore as well as students. Thanks for such valuable lessons & opening my eyes to the potential of all. (Spring 2010)


Excellent course – wonderful exposure to a wide range of teaching styles. Thank you so much for your kindness, loving energy and dedication! (Fall 2009)


TTP at MokSana has met and exceeded all my expectations for what a strong TTP should be. Every instructor was impressive in their knowledge of and commitment to yoga; they were welcoming and accessible, more than generous with their time and energy both inside and outside class. I have learned (and un-learned) so much and feel really well prepared to teach. (Fall 2009)


Such a supportive group and felt like home! From the minute I arrived, I felt welcomed and in the right place. Love how much we learned from each other. (Fall 2009)

This course was so valuable. I had no idea of the breadth and depth of learning that would take place. I can honestly say that I now feel confident that I can teach yoga with a good solid base of knowledge of all aspects of yoga. (Summer 2009)


The variety of teachers assured that I received multiple viewpoints on yoga, which of course helps point out that I must listen to myself. I am truly more myself. Thank you! (Spring 2009)

All the teachers really brought a new and unique perspective on the material and you felt very free to take it or leave it. (Spring 2009)

This is the best thing I’ve ever decided to do for myself. I am sad to see it end. I really felt that the teachers that were guiding us in the TTP were top notch and such a precious resource of knowledge. Thank you sincerely! (Winter 2009)

I have confidence to teach, as this program is supportive, comforting and includes a vast amount of knowledge. Thank you for a truly life changing experience and for the contintual support and laughs throughout. Namaste! (Winter 2009)


I though this course was absolutely incredible! A wonderful safe place for learning and transformation. It is incredible how much I have changed and grown in the last 8 weeks. I have learned how seriously powerful the practice of yoga is…. (Fall 2008)


I never could have imagined how much this course was going to shape my life and how close I would become with my fellow students. What a gift this has been to meet and grow with so many dear souls. (Fall 2008)

I thoroughly enjoyed this program and all its facets. The teachers are amazing, the material is so fantastic and the environment created with all the incredible students is so welcoming that it is so familiar/exhilirating to move closer to your True Self. (Fall 2008)

I came expecting a linear teaching program and I got a personal journey out of it and I gladly appreciate it. As the classes end I feel confident going into my practicum and the journey is only beginning. (Fall 2008)


The last two months have been truly transformative for me. I feel like a different person than I was at the beginning of this course. My knowledge of yoga and my personal practice, my Sadhana, has deepened it ways I am only beginning to become aware of. I feel immense gratitude toward the skilled, lovely, generous teachers here at MokSana. I feel like their support, their encouragement, understanding and compassion have allowed each of us to feel safe, secure and accepted. I feel like I have been embraced into the warm arms of this incredible community and I can only say “thank you” from the bottom of my ever increasing heart. (Summer 2008)


This course is so nourishing! All the teachers have been incredibly encouraging. Thank you!! (Summer 2008)


The instructors were so very helpful and giving of their knowledge. I felt like each and every one of the teachers here want me to succeed and be the best teacher that I can be. Unbelievable support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Summer 2008)


A transformational eight weeks. A thorough and very well put together course. The quality of teaching was phenomenal. I can’t believe how much I learned in these eight short weeks. While I intend to teach in some capacity, the amount my practice grew and evolved was worth the price of tuition alone. (Summer 2008)

This course far exceeded my expectations – thank you! (Spring 2008)

I am so grateful to have taken my training with everyone at MokSana. It was an experience I will never forget and one I am so grateful for. Thank you All!! What a great, genuine, loving team at MokSana. (Spring 2008)

I am trying to give some “critical” feedback or these pages but, honestly, this has been an amazing experience as I am sure it has been for every single person. I feel like I have been taught not only by very “skilled” and wise people but also very caring and loving people. Thank you. (Spring 2008)