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Freedom Visuals
We stock a variety of yoga mats and props to help support your studio or home yoga practice.

B-Mat, Jade, Manduka, Rumi, Mukta Cork Mats, Halfmoon, Joy-A-Toes 

Beatnik | Goods Doing Good, our in-house boutique, features a collection of local and global brands whose reason for being is to contribute to the betterment of our world in some way. Yoga & casual wear for all genders, jewelry, art, accessories, décor, and zero-waste craftware. Many items are handmade by MokSana community members.

Uranta Mindful Clothing, NoMiNoU, Tonic Active, Sea of Wolves, Hannah Stone Art Leggings, Siamurai Apparel, Glass Sipper Straws, Goldilocks Wraps, Only Child Handicrafts, Routine Cream, Little Fox Apothecary, Generositee, Foxglove Botanicals, AIKO Pottery, Nourishment, Parvanah Collective, Janamade.