From studio owner, Ida Winter:


Since March 2020 when pandemic restrictions were put in place, MokSana continued to offer live-streamed yoga classes to our community. When allowed to offer in person classes in June 2020, we did so. This has kept our community connected and we have been able to offer a very important service to people during the pandemic.


Unfortunately the pandemic restrictions that we have to operate under have not worked from a business point of view. Attendance has been down 50% each month since March and sales even less than that. We have taken advantage of every government program we qualify for, reduced every possible expense and still cannot break even. I have worked and taught for free since March and taken on debt that I have no idea how to pay back. Many of us MokSana yoga teachers have taken full-time work elsewhere and continued to teach yoga as well. After six months, I have run out of steam and have made the difficult decision to discontinue our drop-in class schedule starting October 1, 2020.


I would like to thank everyone who supported us during the past 6 months. It will be with you in mind when I do everything I can to re-open in the future.


Time for some GOOD NEWS: Some of our current yoga instructors will rent space at MokSana and run classes independently.  

I will try and anticipate some of your questions with the following information:

Our current yoga teacher training program session will continue as scheduled. We will run the spring session if there are enough students registered (minimum 6).

Your memberships and punchcards will be put on hold.

We will be cancelling our MindBody program subscription but they will hold the information for us until we renew our subscription. We will not be able to access your account information during this time. You will not be able to access your account information during this time. This program and other programs that we use to run the studio cost about $650/month which is why we are cancelling them when not running classes.

We will continue renting office space so if you see a healing arts practitioner here, that will continue.

The building will not be closed and empty. Our teacher training program will run on weekends, healing arts practitioners will continue to offer treatments, the studios will be rented by teachers who will run classes.

The best way to stay updated on what's happening at the studio will be from the front page of our website. We will continue to post on Facebook. We will not continue sending emails and newsletters (it's one of the programs linked to MindBody that we're cancelling).

If you still have your mat at the studio, you can continue to store it there but please check our website periodically to make sure that doesn't change.

The Covid19 pandemic has changed how many businesses are operating and only time will tell how things will look after the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Until that time, I hope this new shift will keep us connected and on the mat. Yoga is needed now more than ever!


With best regards,


MokSana goes into hibernation:  Drop-in Classes Suspended starting October 1, 2020

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